Unleash the full potential of diverse teams – virtually and in person

Jointly develop strategies

Reach transparency in complex situations

Co-create to innovate

Put clear focus on execution

Experience innovative variety of facilitation methods to build on and increase team skills

Grow remote teams.

Virtually and in person.

We bring ten-plus years of experience working with teams and virtual teams in the industry worldwide.

Multiple perspectives.

We combine chemistry, technology, economy, law and data law with a systemic approach.

Full commitment, 100% reliability.

We serve boards of global enterprises and top level executives for more than a decade.

Maximize impact with a systemic approach.


empowers groups to co-create and implement their strategy

Corporate, business, innovation and digital strategy development and implementation in groups

enables teams to turn project challenges into joint successes

Co-creation design and facilitation for small to very large groups

opens new perspectives, makes crowds understand and emotionalizes results

Visual storytelling, visual facilitation, visual consulting, graphic recording for all settings