We unleash the full potential of groups to make our planet a better place.

We’ve been working in the industry for the last ten years worldwide. And almost every day we were thrilled by the potential groups can develop. That’s why we bundled our resources and founded the pictomind GmbH with a clear purpose: “We unleash the full potential of groups to make our planet a better place.”

Co-founder, Facilitator, Innovation Design Expert

Dr. sc. ETH Zürich Markus Armbruster

Dipl.-Chem. / Dipl.-Wirtschaftschemiker / Visual Facilitator / Certified professional facilitator / Coach

  • Ten-plus years corporate, business and innovation strategy expert in the chemical industry for BASF, Süd-Chemie/Clariant and Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis
  • Grew BASF’s Innovation Academy from a handful of yearly participants to thousands of annual participants worldwide
  • Designed and facilitated programs and events for the board of directors and top executive levels
  • Worked three years in New York City and consulted teams on all continents
  • Consulted as strategy expert and member of the core team of the merger Süd-Chemie/Clariant, a multibillion Euro deal
  • Education: Technische Universität München, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, FernUniversität Hagen, Bayerische EliteAkademie, NYU Stern School of Business, duarte, bikablo Akademie, Kommunikationslotsen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MITx edX/Otto Scharmer

Co-founder, Facilitator, Innovation Design Expert

Reto Aschwanden

Attorney (Switzerland / Germany) / lic. iur. / LL.M. / Master of Mediation (M.M.)

  • Entrepreneur with ten-plus years experience as founder and owner of two attorney at law offices (Switzerland, Germany)

  • Elected justice of peace (“Friedensrichter”) in the Canton of Zurich and President of 130 justices of peace in the Canton of Zurich

  • Expert in data law

  • Mediates small and large groups in the industrial, public and private sectors

  • Designs and facilitates visual mediations and large group interventions

  • Consults major enterprises in the software, real estate and staff-hiring industries

  • Speaks six languages and works with international clients
  • Education:  Universität Zürich, Universität Augsburg, FernUniversität Hagen, bikablo Akademie

Associate partner, Facilitator

Julian Geuder

  • 20 plus years experience as consultant, coach and facilitator in the fields of change management and organizational and leadership development, as well as in conflict and peace transformation
  • His greatest professional propulsion is his work as a transformation catalyst, supporting individuals, groups, teams and organizations in a quest to discover themselves, their higher purpose, their full potential and their vocation at the deepest possible level
  • Specialist in designing, developing and facilitating change processes
  • Applies co-creation at the team, organizational, inter-organizational, cross-sector and societal levels to help complex problems be managed collectively
  • Believes that there is good in every human being; his motto is: never stop making waves for peace

Associate partner, Facilitator

Vittoria Piattelli

  • 25 plus years experience in the field of change management
  • Whirlwind of innovation; loves to use creative tools to turn a question on its head and to find new perspectives and possibilities
  • Expert in creative leadership and cultural development
  • Broad experience and warm personality allowing her to move around different industries and cultures with ease
  • Interests, passions and competencies centre around building thriving communities: ones in which each individual can develop his or her talents and passions. These can then manifest themselves in elegant actions, in activities which are coordinated across the system and are designed to bring forward mindful, meaningful and sustainable solutions
  • Understands systems that are going through changes and how to work with them

Associate partner, Facilitator

Linda Richter

  • M.Sc. TU München Life science Economics and Policy / B.A. Economics / Entrepreneur / Facilitator/ Meditation teacher
  • 10+ years in sustainability and sustainable development (consulting, carbon reporting, sustainable finance, impact measurement and management, sustainable supply chains, innovation and design thinking,  social entrepreneurship etc.)
  • Former CEO of the Impact Hub Munich. Organized and facilitated impact festivals, innovation workshops, start-up incubation programs. Grew the local community, co- hosted the physical space and international network gatherings
  • Meditation and Mindfulness teacher
  • Areas of expertise: human centred innovation and evolution

  • Linda believes that innovation and change processes are closely interrelated with the stories of the individuals that are part of the process. Her motto is wisdom in action. She is passionate to help people and organizations to reconnect with their heartfelt truth and create new realities from there on.